The Higher Learning Preschool program serves children between the ages of 3 and 5. Our preschool curriculum provides children a variety of learning experiences that are exploratory, interactive and age appropriate.  At this stage, children are able to understand symbolic representations of concepts and objects.

Our preschool teachers advance children’s learning by introducing a variety of concepts to children in the areas of emergent literacy, math, science, art and social studies.  We seek to build children’s critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. We challenge students to achieve their best within a classroom context that is fun, respectful and responsive.

Our daily activities include:

  • Group instructional time with a certified teaching professional
  • Curriculum emphases on language development, math concepts, gross and fine motor activities arts and crafts, and social-emotional development
  • Theme-based approach that includes homework
  • A sense of classroom community that emphasizes respects of rules and others
  • Outdoor play time

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