Infants and toddler

The infant/toddler stage is a period of rapid growth.  Our infant/toddler program emphasizes a warm, nurturing environment where infants and toddlers can feel comfortable exploring the world around them.    We introduce them to concepts that will later become the foundation for a life-long experience of learning.    Our caregivers establish healthy and appropriate attachments with children that provide you and your child comfort.


Our preschool program seeks to provide a comfortable learning environment that allows your child to engage in meaningful exploration.  Our daily program includes activities that are both teacher facilitated and learner directed.   We believe that teacher-child interactions provide the context for accelerated learning.   We provide students a balanced mix of exploration, play and learning in environment that is well-organized and routine.


Our kindergarten program continues the journey towards helping children fulfill their destiny.  Expectations are high and confidence is building.  Our community of learners will study a variety of subject matters from reading and math to the basics of literacy and algebraic principle.

Summer programs

Our summer programs are full of rich and powerful learning and play experiences.  Summer camp provide our teachers the opportunity to review important learning concepts, while children engage in play experiences and field trips that expand their horizons and build their social-emotional skills.

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