I want to start off my parent testimony by congratulating the class of 2011. They have worked very hard all year long and Higher Learning staff have prepared them for the future.. This is the first preschool my 2 son’s have ever attended; and my first son has been here for 4yrs and my 1 yr old has been here for 1yr. I chose Higher Learning because it had everything I was looking for in a daycare center such as cost, location, curriculum and adequate and caring staff. I was referred to Higher Learning through a relative whose son attended Higher Learning prior to my son attending. There are many key elements that Higher Learning has to offer but the most important to me was a lot of helpful advice and understanding. I gained positive relationships with teachers, parents and the director. For him it was how to stand tall and be proud of his accomplishments and achievements. Since my son has been here, he has made a lot of progress. He knows how to read, write, and spell. He also knows how to count, say his alphabet and colors in Spanish and French. I must admit that I am shocked that he knows so much as preschooler because some of the people i know who child is in preschool don’t know half the things my son and his class mates know. The fact that my son graduated and is attending another school in the fall, makes me sad, but I know the skills that he has learned while at Higher Learning will help him while we continue on with his educational journey. Higher Learning has had a huge impact on my son’s life. He went from being shy to being an outspoken, intelligent young person with a high spirit. Although I’m sad he is leaving, I’m happy that my 1yr old son will continue attending Higher Learning. I recommended Higher Learning and I will continue to recommend Higher Learning to anyone that is looking for quality childcare. —  Shunmeka P.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about enrolling my child in preschool.  I checked a number of schools before coming to visit Higher Learning.  But upon visiting with the staff, I felt comfortable about my child enrolling.  I still felt uneasy.  It wasn’t the school, it was me.  I just didn’t want to let go of my baby.  But, the staff assured me it would be ok – that it was part of the transition.  Over time my daughter has learned Spanish, counting and colors; and has a fit when there is no school.  Eventually, I had another daughter who has been here since she was 6 weeks.  She is now 3.  the staff is extremely friendly and easy to communicate with.  I feel that when my child leaves here they will be well prepared to move the elementary school and beyond – thanks to their stay at Higher Learning.  I sleep well knowing my child is safe and happy.  My experience has been a very happy one. — Jeff G

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